At Khantent Academy we partner with Schools, Colleges and Universities to impart Soft skills and Hard skills that play vital role in High speed learning, Placement and subsequent Career Development of students.

Hence our Hard skills training program include vital programs provided with Web worth and Unity Media News include Entrepreneurship, Global Media, Digital Marketing, Video Production, Web Technologies, Programming, Data Analytics, AI etc., to Schools, Colleges and Universities.

We impart soft skills involving effective overall communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and adaptability.

At Khantent Academy our flagship Global Citizens Program is designed to transform Schools, Colleges, Universities and Corporate institutions to become future ready.

Our Global Citizens Program for Schools, Colleges and Corporate entities has been a huge successful leap forward in terms of imparting Soft Skills and Hard skills training.

We partner with Educational Institutions and Corporate Institutions in training Students, Trainers, Teachers, Staff and Stakeholders, to transform them into future ready Global in outlook.

We use test seris listed in our About us page that are accessible through menus as online practice back up for Students, Job Seekers and Professionals aspiring to excel in multifarious areas of their chosen fields of activity.

This helps students, job aspirants and professionals seeking employment in India and abroad to practice the test series of almost all if not most of the academic and job oriented competitive exams out there.

Our test series are one of the best in qualitative and quantitative terms with very low cost annual premium packages for all titles.

We at Khantent Academy provide Hard skills training courses on topics such as software applications, equipment use, and project management.

We also provide Support, Mentor, Organize, Assemble and Assist in Technology Projects including state of art AI projects to all students in general and Engineering students in particular.

We use Unity Media News, a sister online portal for exposure of our trainees, that as well would assist in claiming their credits and to provide insights into their capabilities to potential employers, investors and stakeholders in their future career choice.

Both Soft skills and hard skills are necessary for a successful career in any field.

Please feel free to connect us @ Mobile: +91 – 8124 537 224 or Whatsapp at : +91-6380 874 303.